zaterdag 24 juli 2010

Horloge-armband "My Secret Garden"

Ik heb meegedaan met een ontwerpwedstrijd van Vintaj Brass. Dit was mijn inzending.
Het patroon van deze horloge-armband kun je vinden op Hoe Maakt U Het.

"My Secret Garden" Here is my project of the "My Secret Garden" challenge. I have made a watch-bracelet. So you can spent your time in my secret garden. There is much to see in my garden. Every day I take a walk for half an hour in my secret garden in the Netherlands. It should be at least half an hour, so I must take my watch with me. Everytime when I come in my secret garden, there are new things to see. There are Vintaj bees, Vintaj hearts, Vintaj labels with "inspire" and "dream", a few Vintaj butterflies. Also there are two Vintaj flower-beadcaps. All of these are on a Vintaj chain using headpins and eyepins. You can close the bracelet with a Vintaj waterlily toggle and a leaf bar. There are many Czech glass flowers and on each flower there is a Vintaj beadcap. Also three lampwork beads with Vintaj beadcaps on it and a lot of lampwork tulips. The watch itself has been attached to the bracelet by means of four Vintaj headpins.

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Doe ook mee met onze ontwerpwedstrijd en koop een pakketje.