zondag 5 december 2010

Kaarsenkransje "Christmas Time"

Ik heb weer meegedaan met een uitdaging van Vintaj. Dit is mijn inzending.

I have made a candle wreath for a big candle. I like this time of the year, now we can burn candles very early in the evening. So a Christmas candle wreath can not be missed at diner on the Christmas table. I have used a creative hoop for the basic. Then I used the whimsical spray and the flourish petal cap in my design. Then I used crystals, silk flowers and silver plated flowers in it. This is my way to create a traditional Christmas. Without candles this feast is not a Christmas. I wish everyone a very happy Christmas.


Doe ook mee met onze ontwerpwedstrijd en koop een pakketje.